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Here's why you're frustrated with your current cleaning methods :

When using old technologies - sponges, paper towels, regular cloths & microfbers - cleaning chemicals or soaps are always needed to cut grease, grime, stickiness & dirt from your surfaces.

Unfortunately, these cleaners will leave a film or residue behind... which means that now you have chemicals (bad for you & your loved ones) on your surface which causes streaks (bad for that crystal clean look)...

Unless you rinse it thoroughly with water, which means you'll have to use copious amounts of paper towels to avoid water spots! YIKES!

AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH... different chemicals are needed to clean different types of grime and not all chemicals are safe for all surfaces...

And that's why the manufacturers of these cleaning supplies LOVE you... because now they can sell you multiple cleaners for each surface in every room in your home and business - not to mention the regular refills you'll need to buy on a regular basis!

It's also why the cupboards of your kitchen and bathroom are overcrowded with chemicals that are dangerous for you, your children and pets.

Perhaps instead of buying the cleaners, you should purchase an Ultimate Cloth®
and then with the money you save, purchase stock in these companies.

Your kids will thank you; your surfaces will sparkle for you;
and your spouse will think you're really smart.