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- Frequently Asked Questions -

Payment and Guarantees

How do I use my Ultimate Cloths®?

Simply Wet them with water - Wring out Well - then Clean your Surface and Walk AWAY! Ultimate Cloth®'s unique 'one-step' process cuts your cleaning time in half. No more messy chemicals. No  more paper towels!

What are the tips & care of the Ultimate Cloths®?

1. RINSE CLOTH WELL OR WASH CLOTH PRIOR TO FIRST USE. ALWAYS USE THE CLOTH DAMP . Simply wet it with water & wring it out well . If you’re getting water spots that stay on your surface, you have too much moisture in your cloth.

2. WASH WITH SOAP OR DETERGENT - BLEACH CAN BE USED - NO FABRIC SOFTENERS. Hand or machine wash cloths alone or with lint-free clothing. Bleaching is great for disinfecting the cloth but you don't want to soak in bleach - it will break down the fibers. Fabric softeners coat the cloth which can cause streaking and can also keep the patented fibers from being able to pull the dirt from your surfaces. AIR DRY ONLY .

3.  PLAY WITH THE CLOTH ON ALL HARD SURFACES . Customers rave about how they love the cloth not only for their glass, mirrors, windshields, etc… but also for their counter tops, appliances & floors including (but definitely not limited to) stainless steel, black & ceramic or glass topped appliances, corian, marble, granite and more!

4. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, be sure to call 800-714-2770 or go to www.UltimateCloth.com. Your Ultimate Cloth® team is dedicated to you being in love with the cloth – just as our current customers are… Money back guaranteed !

5.  When you do fall in love with the cloth - and you will - TELL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY ABOUT IT . It’s just too good not to share with others! Above all, enjoy the time, money & frustration this cloth will SAVE you!

Why should I rinse or wash my cloths prior to first use?

The cloth should be rinsed or washed prior to first use due to the manufacturing process. There may be residue or loose fibers that may have clung to the cloth that need washed or rinsed out of the cloth. Washing or rinsing the cloth prior to first use will ensure a clean, lint, dust, spot and streak free surface with every use.

How often should I wash my cloths?

This depends entirely on the surfaces you are cleaning. For example if you are cleaning indoor windows the cloth will only need rinsed with a little dish soap and put right back to work. If you have just cleaned a greasy stovetop the cloth is probably ready to be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine. The best way to tell when it is time to wash your cloths is if the surfaces you are cleaning are not left completely streak free.

What surfaces will the Ultimate Cloths® clean?

The Ultimate Cloths® excel on any hard surface such as glass, chrome, stainless steel, ceramic tile, corian, granite, LEXAN, marble & more! Put them to work in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Windows, Mirrors, Framed Artwork, Crystal, Appliances, Shower Doors, Countertops, Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, RV's & more.

You will also find them to be useful at cleaning many 'soft' surfaces such as leather and vinyl.

It's a crazy thing, but many of us use them for washing the body... a great exfoliant and it removes eye makeup better than most eye makeup removers!

The bottom line is that the more you use them - the more uses you find for them!

I am getting waterspots; what am I doing wrong?

Water spots are caused by too much moisture in your cloth. When using the cloth, be sure to wring it out WELL. The cloth should feel lightly damp. Water spots simply mean you did not wring it tight enough.

Why am I getting streaks on my windows?

If you are getting streaks 'straight out of the package', there can be debris left on your cloths from the manufacturing process. Otherwise you may have grease or dirt in the cloth from previous cleaning you have done which can hinder the 'streak free clean'. Please wash them with whites in detergent - make sure they are rinsed properly and resume use. For normal use, wet with water - wring out WELL & wipe any surface. Don't over-dampen.

Remember: a CLEAN cloth will never streak or spot so if you are getting streaks after using your cloth for awhile, it's probably ready for a good 'rinsing' or washing with detergent.

Why is the cloth not working on my stainless steel?

Everyone loves the Stainless Steel appliances in the showroom and then you get them home and they are impossible to keep clean. When you purchase the Stainless appliances they also sell you the Stainless Steel cleaners. These cleaners contain silicone which coats the surface. That is why you can see each fingerprint because the silicone is being smeared on the surface. This is another reason you cannot spot clean Stainless Steel once these cleaners have been used on them..

The good news is that Ultimate Cloths allow you to fall in love with your stainless again! You can remove this coating with just the Ultimate Cloth and water; however, it can involve a lot of effort as the coating can be quite stubborn. There is a better, easier way... click here for full instructions on removing this coating from the surfaces of your stainless steel.

Regardless of your method of removing the old cleaners, you'll be very happy with both the results and how easy using ust the cloth dampened with water enables you to keep those beautiful surfaces clean and beautiful every day!

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Can I use the Ultimate Cloth® on my plasma TV screen or my LCD computer monitor?

ABSOLUTELY! Many of the 'new' surfaces in our home are extremely sensitive to chemicals that will 'mar or blur' the surface. As there are no chemicals in the cloth and the cloth is guaranteed not to scratch these surfaces, it is safe for any home/business cleaning. PLEASE NOTE: Dirt will scratch, but the cloth will not. Make sure your cloth is clean & free of dirt or grit from any other cleaning you may have done.

Your guarantee is for 5 years - general use - will the cloths really last that long?

First, we want to address the term 'general use'. This guarantee is for home use and not 'professional use' of the Ultimate Cloth® product line.

The lifespan of the cloth is a practical issue. We always use the analogy that if someone were to wear jeans everyday and only had one pair - AND washed them every other day - then that pair of jeans would not last as long as they would if the person had 3 - 4 pairs and washed them every couple of weeks.

It's the same with the cloth. The life and effectiveness of the cloth will be effected by excessive daily use, # of washings, soaking in bleach, drying in the dryer or caustic chemicals.

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Why would I need more than 1 or 2 cloths?

Many of the answers to this question has been answered in part through the answers above. Just in case you just skipped to this one, we want to address it again. 3 major reasons to have more cloths...

  1. The Ultimate Cloths® are NOT just for glass, mirrors and windows. We have found that when someone only has 1 or 2 cloths, they get very protective of them for these surfaces. BUT when they have more... there is a freedom to use them on all the other surfaces of the home or business. Once you do, you are equally impressed on all the other surfaces.
  2. As a society, we have become accustomed to having things handy. Our customers love having several cloths available in the bathroom; some for the kitchen; a few for the garage... get the picture? ALSO...
  3. Our customers are so amazed with the performance of the cloth, they love to give them as 'gifts' to their friends and family. We love to give package discounts to make it easy to use them everywhere AND share them with those you love.

Why is the cost different on the website from the show or market I purchased my cloths?

Ultimate Cloth® incorporates 'unilateral pricing'. We have many independent distributors and fundraisers and the cost of the cloth will be the same - no matter who you purchase from. If you originally purchased cloths from one of our independent 'resellers' - and would like more - please honor them, if possible, by re-ordering through them.

If you originally purchased cloths at a trade show, we give a benefit of a complimentary cloth only for those purchases at the shows.

What is your return policy?

If for any reason, you are not happy with the Ultimate Cloths®, please call us at 800-714-2770. We want you to be as 'in love' with these cloths as we are and if you're not... there's a reason. We want to work with you so they can save you the time & money they do all our customers!

All returns must have an RMA # which you will get from us over the phone. For orders under $100, if you would like a refund, we will gladly give you a refund within 30 days of original purchase.

For retail orders $100 and above, we will Refund or Exchange products within 14 days.

PLEASE NOTE THAT NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT AN RMA# (return merchandise authorization). If the above conditions are not met, Ultimate Cloth, LLC reserves the right either to refuse the return or to charge a restock fee of not less than 30% and reimbursement of shipping charges.

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Why do you offer only a 30 day Money Back Guarantee?

We want you to put the cloth 'to use' and not 'to the side'!

Once you use the Ultimate Cloth® products, we know you'll fall in love with them just as our other customers have. AND if you don't, we also want a phone call from you because we know we may help figure out why you are not getting optimum results! Most of the time, it's something very simple that can save you a lot of frustration.

We would never have a problem refunding a customer's money. We simply prefer that our customers have the benefit they were looking for when they purchased the cloth.

Is your Site Secure ?

Absolutely! When you come to the order form, you will see a small yellow padlock in the bottom bar of your browser screen. This is a universal internet 'comfort' to know that the site you are on is a totally secure site and cannot be viewed or access by others.

However, it you are still uncomfortable ordering over the internet, please feel free to order by calling us or by sending us a check or money order using our mail order form.

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