I like them!
"This is my second purchase as my first lot have, mostly, been 'borrowed' by nameless parties."
Edwin H.
"One was given to me from a friend,,,it was awesome,if that's the word.i bought 5 and past 3 out and my friends all say the same thing.I would rate them as the best cleaning cloth ever.where was you years ago,when my kids was little.now I clean windows after grandbabies.THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY LIFE EASIER."
Wanda M.
Good Review
"It worked like magic the windows and stainless steel is beautiful"
Judy K.
Excellent product
"I’ve used all the Ultimate Cleaning Cloths and would use nothing else. The PRO is fantastic and I highly recommend it and as well the other products. They’re all I’ll ever use for all my cleaning needs."
Larraine A.
Great product!
"Use it on everything , windows, mirrors, stainless, will continue to order them in the future."
dianne p.
Love this cloth
"No streaks. Easy to use and easy to wash. Use on windows, mirrors, light switch plates."
Joyce L.
Outstanding! Colors are practical and cloth works like magic!
Great Cloth
"Love, love these cloths cleans great."
Scarlett H.
Thisis the very best cleaning cloth ever!!
"I have used these cloths for about 18 years now. I have given many of them away to friends because I love them so much - the cloths and my friends. I just give them a packet with one cloth including the directions to launder the item. I use these cloths to clean my bathroom mirror, counters, outside toilet, etc. I also dust my living room furniture and TV screen with them. I LOVE THESE CLOTHS! "
Susan B.
Best cleaning cloth ever!
Love the cloths
You clean in half time
"We have a lot of windows and a glass railing on our deck - it was always terrible to clean . Now it’s easy and trips free , we also use it in the kitchen , with car and the boat ....love it !"
Berit I.
Love the Ultimate Cloth!!
"These cloths are the only cloth I use for dusting the complete house, clean windows and stainless steel. Couldn't live without them!!"
Shirley Z.
Haven't opened the current package,
"Haven't opened the current package, but had some previously. LOVE them. Great for cleaning everything. The part I like most is the no streaking and no spotting"
William B.
Clean Sweep
"I love 💕 the cloths because they do it all. I clean everything with no product and just rinse out. Each week I exchange for a fresh one while the used one goes in the laundry. They do a terrific job. One cloth is sufficient - no need for an additional one for drying. It really does save time because the cloth is there ready to keep things neat and clean as I go. Also got them for my kids. Jan Horner "
Jan H.
"These cloths are amazing. They clean with just water and everything sparkles. Will definitely purchase again."
Caron H.
Good as always
"I like all of the Ultimate Cloths. This one did seem to "scrub" my travertine counter top quite well."
Susan B.
Ultimate Cloth Pro
"I have been washing my cars with the ultimate cloth for many years now. Sure beats using a hose and wasting water. Looking forward to using these new cloths."
Barbara F.
New Ultimate Cloth Pro
"Excellent product. Everything shine with just water."
Lucie P.
Your original cloths, I thought
"Your original cloths, I thought where the best, but now I think the texture makes it even better. I liked the original so well, I have bought and gifted several friends and family. It seems the worse problem is they sometimes get thrown away not knowing they are something special. May I suggest printing your LOGO on the cloth so we will know what they are. I mark them now with a permanent marker."
Wanda J.
Best thing to clean windows
"Best thing to clean windows with no streaks. I tell everyone about them."
Jennifer S.
Happy Shopper
"I have used the ultimate cloths for many years. Nothing can compare to cleaning anything. They are excellent for windows, mirrors, countertop, huge cloths for the car and anything else that needs cleaning. Recently, there was some mildew on the white railing of the deck and it came right off with the ultimate cloth. It means a lot not having to buy cleaning products."
Sara A.
The Best as Always.
"I have been using the Ultimate Cloth for several years now. I have never once been disappointed in the results. My only disappointment has been that they discontinued the best mop on the dang market!! "
jeanne p.
Latest order
"I love my cleaning clothes so much, I don't know how I ever got by without them! No other cleaning cloth or paper towel, cetera, even comes close to the clean you can get with these clothes. Previously, I was using a toothbrush to clean the dryer filter, then I tried using the ultimate cloth and the difference was amazing! I would these to anyone! "
Rebecca J.
Love, love, love Ultimate Cloth
"It should be called Magic Cloth — it is unbelievable how well Ultimate Cloth cleans my mirrors and windows with no streaking. I have bought enough to share with my sister, adult children and friends. It saves time, money and elbow grease. Bravo🎉"
Lucretia P.
These cloths are "the bomb".
"I used these in my bathrooms this week, and they did a beautiful job on the sinks and countertops. they also removed a lot of tough build up on my black tub, and I'm hoping continued use will get the rest off. They definitely make cleaning the bathrooms less work. I can't wait to try them in the kitchen!"
Pamela W.
Great product
"Cleaned my 26 windows yesterday in no time flat. Love the UltimateCloth ."
Ann C.
Best Cloth Ever!!
"Love it!! I have finally got my husband hooked on them! He always thought they were nothing special until I made him clean his car with one! Hooked for life now!!!!"
Elizabeth P.
newest cloths are wonderful!
"These clean extremely well and the texture is much better than the original ones...no more slimy feeling!"
Judith E.