I love them. A friend
"I love them. A friend gave me one and I am hooked. I love cleaning my stainless steel appliances with them . I bought more to give to my son. Great cleaning items. Great on windows!!!!!!"
Roberta C.
Ultimate cloth original
"Loved it .I do not think I have had such clean windows in a long time. My friend who recommended it calls it the miracle cloth and it truly is!!"
Louise P.
The Everything Cloth
"How does anyone keep order and cleanliness without one of these? I have one in each bath and the kitchen and mop up Everything. Rinse out with a little soap and ready to go again. Always clean. Love them!! Jan"
Jan H.
Satisfied Customer
"Love this product! Saves time and I love the results!"
Jennifer B.
"If you use them correctly; wet them, wring them out, wash when needed, no fabric softner, no dryer, then they are the perfect cleaning cloth. Absolutely perfect. I have yet to find a better product. "
Michael G.
The perfect way to clean
"The perfect way to clean hard surfaces"
Virginia D.
Purchase Review
"I love the Ultimate Cleaning cloths especially for glass & windows over any other product I've used before."
Mary W.
Ultimate Cloth
"I love using the cloth it really does clean glass better than any thing I have ever used"
Judith W.
window works
"Bought these for the windows. Tired of using paper towels that fall apart after little use. These are just what the doctor ordered. I will get more use out of these that a whole roll of paper towels. Definitely will re-order."
Larry Z.
Can't clean without 'em!
"Love them, think they are a little costly so I'm very careful with them. "
Jeanne C.
"It's not my first batch of cloths I bought. These are great for cleaning glass and other surfaces. No streaks at all. I gave them as gift as well. "
Rafal N.
"I have a cleaning business. I use the colored ones for glass a mirrors only. Use the white ones for pretty much everything else! Makes my job soooo much easier! Thanks so much! "
Vickie B.
I have used these cloths
"I have used these cloths to clean for the last 7 years. They are wonderful"
Kathy G.
Eexcellent cleaning tool
"Best thing I have ever used for making things look like new. Just love them"
Bonnie P.
The fingerprint eraser
"If you have stainless appliances you know what a pain it is to keep them free of fingerprints. Well, here is the answer...Ultimate Cloth. We renovate houses for resale and we always choose stainless for our kitchens. I will be giving the mini cloth to all of our buyers. UC...you should develop a partnership with an appliance manufacturer to include a cloth...just like they provide a product with dishwashers."
Susan M.
great towel
"i love these cloths. they really work and they are amazing. they make me want to dowondows and housework! kim"
kim m.
These cloths are magic!!
"These cloths are amazing! They works so well and can be used over and over and over. Ended up buying a bunch to give as gifts!!"
Alexis W.
"I clean all the mirrors and windows in the house with them. They are GREAT, I have one for the truck windows and one for the camper. So easy all you need is water, even my husband can make it clean things! ha ha"
Anna M.
Great product
"Been using them for years and couldn't be without. My only wish is that they would come in black. "
Dorothy E.
Ultimate cloth review
"They work really nice although sometimes they smear."
Jeanie H.
I like them!
"This is my second purchase as my first lot have, mostly, been 'borrowed' by nameless parties."
Edwin H.
"One was given to me from a friend,,,it was awesome,if that's the word.i bought 5 and past 3 out and my friends all say the same thing.I would rate them as the best cleaning cloth ever.where was you years ago,when my kids was little.now I clean windows after grandbabies.THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY LIFE EASIER."
Wanda M.
Good Review
"It worked like magic the windows and stainless steel is beautiful"
Judy K.
Excellent product
"I’ve used all the Ultimate Cleaning Cloths and would use nothing else. The PRO is fantastic and I highly recommend it and as well the other products. They’re all I’ll ever use for all my cleaning needs."
Larraine A.
Great product!
"Use it on everything , windows, mirrors, stainless, will continue to order them in the future."
dianne p.
Love this cloth
"No streaks. Easy to use and easy to wash. Use on windows, mirrors, light switch plates."
Joyce L.
Outstanding! Colors are practical and cloth works like magic!
Great Cloth
"Love, love these cloths cleans great."
Scarlett H.
Thisis the very best cleaning cloth ever!!
"I have used these cloths for about 18 years now. I have given many of them away to friends because I love them so much - the cloths and my friends. I just give them a packet with one cloth including the directions to launder the item. I use these cloths to clean my bathroom mirror, counters, outside toilet, etc. I also dust my living room furniture and TV screen with them. I LOVE THESE CLOTHS! "
Susan B.