Antimicrobial cloths
"We are long time Ultimate Cloth users. My wife used them in her house-cleaning business and loves them. The antimicrobial cloths are a great next-step advancement!"
Michael D.
Love the new cloths
"I am just as pleased with antimicrobial cloths as I am with window cloth. Esp. when they do a better job at a cheaper price than other companies doing home parties! Love the product!"
Vicki O.
Platinum cloths
"These cloths are the best I can clean almost everything with them. It’s great that you dont need any chemicals. I have already ordered more because I gave half of them away to friends and family. "
June Z.
Made a god house keeper out of me
"My house has lots of glass doors that constantly need touching up. Now it is a breeze and I can clean all the glass in my house to include mirrors in one-quarter the time I used to need."
John L.
Would not clean without them.
"Simplifies my cleaning routine-woodwork looks fresher, cleaner. Just a treat to use."
Love the Cleaning Cloth
"I love the cloth - it cleans like it says it will. I will definitely be buying again when needed."
Edna R.
Another good product
"I have been using on my counter tops and it seems to be antimocrobial as no one in my family has gotten ill! I will have to take your word for it, but thus far your ultimate cloths have been as good or better than you say. Thank you."
Susan B.
I'm a fan!
"I've been using the Ultimate Cloth for a few years. I use nothing else for my windows and mirrors, not to mention the bottles for the wine that we are vinting and bottling. I've given the Ultimate Cloth for gifts, and ordered again to give another round of gifts. It's amazing that this simple product eliminates chemicals and paper towels, then gives a fabulous result!"
Greg B.
The Ultimate Cleaning Cloth
"I am totally satisfied with the Ultimate cloth. I like the small one and keep one in my bathroom and one in the kitchen to keep the basins wiped clean. My sster gave me my first one and now I am giving them to my friends,"
Edna M.
Ultimate cloths antimicrobial
"Fantastic. Cleaned mirrors first, then blinds, next dusted furniture, then wallboards. Would rinse, wring dry only when cloth showed soil. "
Terrific product
"You outdid yourselves with the new antimicrobial cloth. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in cutting down on their cleaning time, and who doesn’t want to do that.... I use it on glass, wood, Corian, appliances, etc. No other cleaning products are necessary. Thank you Utimate Cloth! "
Larraine A.
Love them. Gave some to
"Love them. Gave some to all my children also "
Sally G.
New user of the UltimateCloth
"This was recommended by a friend and she was right! They clean windows and mirrors like a dream. Can't wait to try them everywhere around the house!"
Cassie C.
Fantastic cloths unbelievable results
"I simply love these cloths they clean everything with very little effort. The only thing that put me off as when they arrived I had to pay £13.80 in custom tax which made them very expensive."
Mary B.
Excellent product
"I am super pleased with the cloths. They almost worl like magic. I can't fnd the words to describe how easy they are to use. They are easy to clean to be able to reuse them again and again. Thank you for a wonderful product!"
Judith G.
Love them.
"I have ordered them before and I can't live without them."
lyn m.
Great Cleaning Cloth
"This is the best cleaning cloth I have ever used. Sometimes I just wet it, wring it out, and use it. Sometimes I use it with an all-purpose cleaner. It works great both ways !"
Linda M.
Great Product
"I love these cloths. I bought enough of them to share with a couple of family members. I love the idea of cleaning with these. They make cleaning much easier. No rinseing or polishing. Just clean clear mirrows ,glass doors, quartz counter tops,bath room fixtures,etc. Cleans everything. They are great."
Linda H.
Have used them for years.
"Have used them for years. They are good for many things"
Eleanor A.
Awesome Towels
"I really like these towels for washing windows,much less chance of streaking."
Barbara M.
Miracle Cloth
"This is great for cleaning windows. Just add water, wring out and clean. No need for wiindrx or extra steps!"
Vicki G.
Love these cloths
"Always great , I give or recommend these to everyone."
Regina E.
Thank you
I have been using the
"I have been using the UltimateCloth for many years. It works wonderfully on stainless steel and love it for windows in my home and for my car. I have given these as gifts for family and friends. They have become customers."
Diana T.
Great price, great product
"The ultimate cloth has never disappointed. I've used them and given them as gifts. Follow the directions and get streak free windows and mirrors in minutes! "
Dawn F.
They work very well on
"They work very well on windows with less mess and no streaks. Love them. "
Carol J.
Ultimate cloth
"Love the product. Quick & easy. Gave one to a friend who cleans for a living. She really was impressed. Said she would be ordering a package for herself."
Debra M.
Awesome Towels
"I ordered a couple of these and they work awesome on my car. These towels are like sponges and really absorb the water well. Definitely would recommend to all my family and friends! "
Scott H.
Sparkling Clean in a swipe
"I love how these cloths clean up my glass top breakfast area table, as well as my granite countertops. Just a quick swipe with a thoroughly "wrung out" cloth and my tops are sparkling clean."
Susan L.