Ultimate Cloths
"These cloths are excellent in cleaning glass, car windshields, mirrors etc. They clean without leaving any fuzz. Highly recommend them. "
Mrs T.
They work great
"I always use them to clean my windows and stainless steel"
David S.
Love these. If you have
"Love these. If you have glass shower doors , these are a must! Thanks for special deals!!"
Bonnie P.
Turn your friends and Co-workers into Ultimate Cloth fans!
"Awesome! I had given a couple close co-workers an Ultimate Cloth to try, see if they loved it as much as I did! When I received the email regarding your sale and figured out the cost of each cloth, I was excited! I went around the office asking if anyone wanted to try them and I actually had 3 others vouching for their cloth experiences. Almost everyone in the office ordered 2 or more cloths and before we knew it, we had 60 cloths ordered. The shipping is free and it's awesome that they arrive within days of when you ordered them! Like only 3 days! So now every time you have them on sale, we will be purchasing a nice order! Renee "
Renee S.
Great Product
"This cloth can be used on many things but it is perfect for windows and glass doors where it is difficult to clean from top to bottom w/o leaving streaks. So easy! Just wet cloth as per instructions and wipe. There will be wet places but they disappear when dry."
Cheryl B.
"Love using these cloths for my cleaning business "
Michelle B.
Best cleaning rag ever
"I bought my first Bad Boy 6-7 years ago. I still have my original and it still works even though it looks pretty nasty with stains. I've bought many more of these since then and given them as gifts to friends and family. The hardest part of cleaning my windows is dragging out the ladder as I'm too short to reach the top of them. These clothes are a very good investment. No need for any cleaners, just water. They're great!"
Julie D.
Love the Ultimate Cloths
"I absolutely love these cloths. I have given them as gifts to my friends who also love them. I don't mind washing windows when they are streak free the first time washing them. They are also wonderful on stainless steel. Love them!"
Margaret N.
So great- I give to my friends to try
"Perfect to use for cleaning windows, mirrors and especially stainless. "
Darlene S.
Great product. Saves time and
Home Care Package
"Your products are excellent. I bought extra to share some of the cloths with friends. I know they will be delighted too. Thanks"
jean c.
Linda J.
"Super! I rave about these clothes and have given many as gifts. In return those who received have come back and raved about its quality and how many tasks it performs. I will return for the clothes in the future when I'm in need of a new supply."
Aralene T.
Love these!
"These are great - even sent one with my daughter to college!"
Melinda E.
"These are the ONLY cleaning cloths I use now! THE BEST for glass, marble countertops, stainless appliances, mirrors, computer screens, etc..."
Amy B.
I would Definitely Recommend it!
"I been purchase Ultimate Cloth and I highly recommend it. High Quality Material and makes my life easy."
Maria B.
Amazing product
"These things are unmatched. No more windex, EVER! Don't have to buy paper towels very often. Great to use on stainless appliances. You won't need the greasy petroleum based products they sell you to keep it clean and shiny. "
Carolyn U.
Great Cloths
"As long as you use as instructed no cleaning solution spray can match the cleaning power on this cloth, and I mean non. Leaves no streaks no mess and is the fastest way to get it done... No other way can match it at all, not even close. Windows come out perfect every time. "
Steven F.
Love....love.... love!
"I love them! I have a cleaning business. I also have had lung cancer. My Dr. Kept telling me to back off the cleaning supplies. Which I have tried to do. With my clothes, I use less product, but everything still looks great. Love them best for glass and mirrors! Thanks so much! Your product has changed things for me.... all for the better! 😋 Thanks Vickie"
Vickie B.
Love, love, love!!
"Love these cloths, large and small!! I have given many to friends and family, also have one in all bathrooms, laundry and kitchen!! Where there is water you will find my Ultimate Cloths!! Great for after I get my car washed too!!"
Debra J.
Great! I use them for
"Great! I use them for every cleaning need I have"
Linda K.
ultimate cloth
"I've had a great experience with Ultimate Cloth. I love the colors. It makes it easy to remember what I am using that particular cloth for and they're pretty. The cloth leaves a streak free surface, they can be laundered and they last a long time. Highly recommended."
Marian C.
Love these
"My stainless steal appliances look great! They take care of every spot with out all the labor! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!"
Jolene G.
Car care package
"Wonderful. All clothes are great and I use them every day and give them away to my kids. We just love them"
Elaine W.
I love these and have
"I love these and have been using them for years"
Judith D.
ultimate cloth
"I have lived in my house for 25 years, and never could get my patio door cleaned to my satisfaction. This product did not leave any streaks, I couldn't believe it. I went around the whole house, from mirrors to countertops, to car windows and wheels, stainless steel appliances, etc. Now I don't have to spend money on sprays and cleaners anymore."
Gail B.
STILL the BEST cleaning cloths on the market
"I have used these to clean everything in my house for several years!! I have given them as gifts and people nearly always ask for more. What more can I say?!?!"
Ada P.
Ultimate cloth
"The cloth works great. No streaks on glass or mirror surfaces. Was shipped and received promptly. "
Mary G.
love these cloths
"I have been using the white cloths for about 8 yrs and love them. I've introduced my family members and many friends to this wonderful product. I absolutely love the colors and will definitely order more when these are no longer useful. Thank you for a great product."
Eleanora A.