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Professional Line of Cleaning Cloths
made from the revolutionary MiraFiber technology!  

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You'll be ecstatic with the Big Savings currently offered on our new Professional Line of cleaning cloths made from the patented Mirafiber technology!

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BTW... even though they're new, these products do have 5 star reviews but because they are a different quantity/combo offering, the system makes you have to go to our reviews tab to read them. 

All UltimateCloths are made of Mirafiber®and share the following characteristics.
No other product on the market is made of this worldwide patented Mirafiber® technology. 

See • Feel • Experience the Difference!

Ultimately Effective

  • Multipurpose and super easy! One cloth safely wipes every hard surface clean in one easy step. 
  • Use dampened with water alone to pick up 99.9% of dirt and bacteria.
  • Streak Free, Spot Free, Lint, Dust & Grease Free finish every time.
  • Our Platinum line of Antimicrobial Cloths not only pick up the dirt and bacteria as all Mirafiber® cloths do, but also go one step further by killing 99.99% of contaminants left in the cloth. See more.

Simple Use

  1. Wet with Water
  2. Wring Tight
  3. Wipe your Surface
  4. Walk Away -  Leaving a crystal clean surface with no second cloth or paper towels needed to dry or polish. 

Easy Care

  • Machine or hand wash with soap or detergent in warm water when dirty or if leaving streaks.
  • Bleach OK.
  • Fabric softener NOT OK.
  • Always wash cloths alone or with other lint-free items.
  • Air dry
  • Dirt can scratch, but the cloth will not. Make sure your cloth is clean & free of dirt or grit from any previous use prior to cleaning a delicate surface.
  • Wring wet cloth thoroughly to ensure a streak free and spot free finish.