Ultimate Cloth LLC is a family owned and operated business based out of Ohio since 2005.  The whole team includes many vendors throughout the U.S. and in Europe whose services contribute to make our unique Mirafiber technology and the revolutionary cloths that result from it.  Our local team members wear many "hats" to ensure UltimateCloth's highest quality standards and excellence in customer service.  Meet the team...

Susan Stewart has a very green thumb, a smile for everyone and is passionate about leaving this planet healthy for her grandchildren by using less chemicals and waste through the UltimateCloth.

Steve Stewart whittles dinosaur head walking sticks for his grandson, golfs like his life is on the line and enthusiastically markets the UltimateCloth to anyone who will listen.

Laurie Maris loves to make her students turn green in her cycling class, became a dog trainer just to handle her own 5 rescues and is "The" loudest cheering mom at all her daughter’s equestrian events. She would "never clean again" if she couldn't have an UltimateCloth.

Amanda Moses has a dog named Ruby who can pull open a closed door, has done a handstand on the Great Wall of China and furiously cleans every surface in her house 10 minutes before company comes with her trusty UltimateCloth so they'll never know how it just looked.

Special shout out to The Alpha Group of Delaware, OH. This is a business operated with heart, love and laughter giving the developmentally disabled a chance to succeed. They do a fabulous job of folding and packaging the UltimateCloths for you!

*Loving dogs and children isn't a requirement for employment at UltimateCloth… but it IS  highly recommended as they are usually running all over the place!