Colors and Classic


Signature Rounded Corners.

Hold it up to light and see the hydroentangled fibers

Cut down middle – No fraying.

No stitching means no scratching.


Paper thin and extremely lightweight.

Smooth texture – no catching on your hands.

Softens with use.

Tough – No tearing.


Cleans, dries & polishes in 1 easy step.

Saves YOUR precious time.

Picks up grease & stickiness without use of chemicals or soaps.

No fraying & bleachable for disinfection.

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  Safe On All Surfaces Easy one Step Process Cost Effective - Reusable & Long Lasting Environment Friendly Can use on on food surfaces NOT Hazardous to Children & Pets NO Harmful chemicals NO Health and Safety Warning Label
Formula 409
Murphy Oil Soap
Lysol All Purpose
Scrubbing Bubbles