"This has been the best fundraiser we have ever had. Word of mouth is your best advertising. These cloths really sell their self. Once you use them, you find out how well they work. We have ordered 7 times!"

- St. Aloysius Church

UltimateCloth™ Fundraiser

  • Raise a lot of money for the organization with less effort than raffles, auctions, car washes & bake sales.
  • 'Breath of fresh air' from many of the traditional products at these events.
  • As a courtesy, we custom print your fundraiser's contact information on the packaging insert for re-orders.
  • A second insert is also provided with information about the fundraiser.


Let Us Put a Fundraiser Package Together For You

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Fundraiser Testimonials

"The UltimateCloth™ has been a very successful ongoing Fundraiser for our Relay for Life Team for the last 3 years. I alone, have raised over $2000 for Cancer Research. The UltimateCloth™ has exceeded my expectations in my fundraising efforts.

If sales do slow down once you have sold them to everyone you know, don’t worry they always call to order more. My customers have shared them with friends and family which helped expand my customer base and raise even more money. When you are selling a product that really works and you believe in, it is very easy to sell them to all your friends and family.

I would recommend selling UltimateCloths™ to all Relay for Life Teams as a fundraiser. This cause is very near and dear to my heart and anything I can do to help raise money is worth the effort."

Thank you,
Aleen S. - Relay for Life Team

"Susan, I am writing to you to order more cloths for our fall fundraiser. They were so easy to sell and now people are wanting more of them. They can't wait until we start up again. They really sell on their own. Our teens sold them but we also had adults stopping by the church to buy more of them once they knew where to get them. We paid for camp - $270 per person. Thanks for everything. Order to follow."

-J. Dugan; Harmony Teens; Harmony Baptist Church

Dear UltimateCloth™,

I was given the UltimateCloth™ by a friend, and it worked so well that I mentioned it at our Slovenian Women’s Union of America meeting. The members agreed that it would be worth the time to try selling them. That was one of the best decisions we could have made for the purpose of a fundraiser. People are wild about the UltimateCloth™! There is no end to the many uses people have found for the cloth.

Because of the success we have dad, we have been able to donate to many causes in our little town. Thanks to the UltimateCloth™ for making cleaning easier for so many.

The Slovenian Women’s Union of America , Branch #23
Ely, MN 55731

"I am an educator at Shekinah Christian School (SCS) where fundraisers frequently are needed to raise funds for class trips, sporting equipment, school renovations, and the day-to-day costs of running a private school. Every other year the junior high classes (grades 7 & 8) take a trip to an outdoor education camp in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. While the trip is a wonderful experience, funds need to be raised to cover the cost of room and board, travel expenses, and the instructors at the outdoor camp. A lot of time is spent brainstorming or just looking for fundraisers that not only produce a product of quality and practicality, but also one that is relatively affordable for the prospective buyers. Plus, the fundraiser should help provide a good percentage of income towards the trip.

A mother of a student at SCS suggested selling the UltimateCloth™ because she loved the result the cloths produced in her own home. After an initial period of skepticism from sellers and buyers, many buyers have called back to order additional cloths. A seventh grader developed a creative sales approach by asking his neighbors for just five minutes of their time and a dirty window. He has proceeded to sell well over seventy cloths as a result of his enthusiasm to demonstrate the veracity of the UltimateCloth™’s claim to not leave streaks but rather to leave a clean window. A total of eighteen students have embarked on this fundraising campaign of trying to raise approximately $6,000. As of right now (3 months total), the class has sold almost 1,000 cloths and they are nearing the $4,000 mark. Upon seeing the enthusiastic reaction from buyers, the junior high students are continuing to reach more and more contacts during the summer and people are willing to pay $6.00 for a product that potentially will save them money.

From all of us at SCS we just want to say thank-you to those we have worked with and will continue to work with as long as the demand for UltimateCloths™ stays strong."

Myron Sommers - Junior High Teacher at Shekinah Christian School