Stainless Steel Instructions

Traditional cleaners with a silicone base leave a residue or film behind that cause frustrating streaks, spots or smears.

First Time Use

Build-up of previous stainless steel cleaners must first be removed from the surface:

  • Wet UltimateCloth™ thoroughly with water.
  • Fold the UltimateCloth™ into quarters, offering you 8 flat sides to clean with.
  • Add baking soda to the top of the 1st side. Add more water if necessary to form a light paste.
  • It's very important to clean/wipe with the grain of your stainless steel to keep from scratching your surface.
  • Repeat with other sides of cloth until all the stainless cleaner is permanently removed.
  • Wash the UltimateCloth™ to remove cleaner and baking soda.

Further Maintenance

  • Your stainless steel surface may now be easily cleaned with a damp UltimateCloth™ alone.
  • You will have a streak free, scratch free, lint, dust, and spot free surface every time!


Helpful Hints

  • Always use a clean cloth when cleaning stainless steel or other sensitive services.
  • If you get streaks after you have removed the cleaner, your cloth is dirty and must be rinsed or machine washed. See washing instructions in FAQ or About Mirafiber®.
  • If you get water spots that remain on your surface it simply means you've had too much water in the cloth – ring the UltimateCloth™ out well.
  • Once you fall in love with the cloth on your stainless, try it on all your other beautiful kitchen surfaces like granite, marble, ceramic, & glass topped stoves!