UltimateCloth BadBoy: Classic White Supersized Cleaning Cloths - 10 Pack Special

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Product Description

Take advantage of this great special on the UltimateCloth BadBoy cloths. These great MIrafiber cleaning cloths from the Classic White Collection are supersized for all of your big jobs inside and out of your homes and automobiles.

Using absolutely no chemicals and wet with water only, the UltimateCloth BadBoy cloths are tough enough to get the dirt, grime, bugs, tar, brake dust, boot marks off your vehicles; tender enough to not scratch paint, plexiglass or lexan. (NOTE: make sure cloth is clean of any dirt or debris that might have been pulled into it prior to cleaning a delicate surface).


  • All UltimateCloths clean in 1 easy step, leaving a super clean, dry surface behind
  • Picks up to 99.9% of bacteria and other contaminants from your surfaces
  • Multi-surface cleaning at it's best

Simply wash them when dirty and hang to dry. They can also be bleached for disinfection. No fabric softeners please.


  • 10 UltimateCloth Classic Whites - Supersize
  • Guaranteed for 2 years of general use
  • Approximate size is  16" X 20" - the perfect size to be your workhorse for all big jobs
  • Made with our Patented MiraFiber technology
  • Packaged individually for your storage and gift giving convenience