Combination Cleaning Pack: 4 Classic White Originals; 2 Antimicrobial Cloths; 1 UltimateCloth PRO - 7 Total Cloths

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Grand Slam Combination Package

All Ultimate Cloths with the patented MIrafiber technology 1) are multi-surface cleaning cloths; 2) use just water; 3) have our famous one-step cleaning action and 4) are washable, bleachable and last forever.... okay, well not forever, but for a long time. Guaranteed!

And even though you could buy any of our cloths and get superior cleaning results,  each of our Cloth Collections gives a little unique twist to serve your needs.

This New Combination Pack contains:

4 of our ever popular Classic White Originals (standard size)The Ultimate Cloth that made us famous! This cloth is the workhorse that will nail all your cleaning jobs!

  • Measures approx 14" X 16"
  • Packaged individually

1 UltimateCloth PRO: Unique dimpled design picks up dirt and grime fast with extra scrubbing power that gives a superior clean like the real PROfessional that it is! 

  • Measures approx 15" X 16"
  • Packaged individually

2 Antimicrobial Cloths: Scoops up to 99.9% of bacteria from your surfaces, then immediately goes to work killing the contaminants that have been pulled into the cloth!

  • Can be stored in moist conditions up to 24 hours without mildew or bacteria growth
  • Prevents odors caused by bacteria and other contaminants 
  • Measures approx 14" X 16" 
  • 1 package contains 2 great colors: Sahara Tan and Slate Grey – great for hiding stains and color coding for different areas of your home or business

 No matter which cloth you're using, you’ll enjoy how quickly all UltimateCloths work on the tough stuff and how nice it will be to finish your job up early for a change!

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