Sale w/ 2 options: EXPANDED Vehicle Cleaning Cloth Package: 3 Classic White Originals; 3 Classic White Supersized; 2 UltimateCloth PROs and a FREE German Shammy (9 total cleaning cloths). YOUR CHOICE: 1 Pkg $39 or Save More - 2 Pkgs for only $69!

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CHOOSE 1 EXPANDED Vehicle and 'Everything Summer' Cleaning Cloth Package or SAVE MORE and purchase 2! Simply click choose quantity to select your desired savings...

$68 - $136 Value. You can save 43% - 49% off retail price of individual products.

Our UltimateCloth Expanded Vehicle and 'Everything Summer' cleaning cloth package gives you all you need for cleaning your vehicles - motorcycles, boats, campers or RV’s from top to bottom – inside out!

It’s also great at cleaning your golf clubs, tennis rackets, sleeping bags, guitars (and even for wiping your brow)!  But don't stop there... you still have the home you live in and you'll find that UltimateCloths clean better, faster and easier than traditional methods... leaving you more time for all your Summer Adventures and Get-togethers!

This special is a great opportunity for you to have multiples of some of the toughest cleaning cloths available on the market today.

With the exception of the FREE 100% viscose German Shammy, all UltimateCloth products are made from our patented Mirafiber technology and give you all the revolutionary cleaning attributes you've come to know and love. There’s everything here that you need to get the job done right and get it done quickly too!


All UltimateCloths are made from advanced Mirafiber meaning they are:

  • Eco-friendly – there are no chemicals in the cloth and none are needed for cleaning
  • No health or safety warning labels! Extremely effective on everything from your windows to your polished wheels
  • Washable and bleachable
  • Safe to use on any surface without scratching
  • Guaranteed to leave a Streak free, Spot free and Lint and Dust free surface every time

With an UltimateCloth in hand you can literally detail all of your vehicles surfaces quickly, easily and yep, even professionally both inside and out!


  • The Standard Size cloths in this variety pack are approximately 14" X 16"
  • UltimateCloth PRO’s are approximately 15” x 16”
  • Supersized BadBoy cloths are approximately 16” x 20”
  • German Shammy is approximately 20” x 27”
  • All cloths are packaged individually

Expanded Car Care Package contains 3 Classic White Standard Cloths,2 UltimateCloth PROs,3 Supersize BadBoy Cloths and a FREE 100% Viscose German Shammy

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