UltimateCloth Collections Basic Sampler Pack - 5 Cloths : 1 Classic White ORIGINAL (Standard size), 2 Pk Antimicrobials; 1 PRO, 1 COLOR $29 (Save 25%)

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Product Description


This is a great opportunity to experience cloths from all our collections into 1 great basic package! (PS... we also offer a deluxe COLLECTIONS package)

This order will contain:

  • 1 CLASSIC WHITE ORIGINAL (standard size)
  • 1 of our COLORS: Normally our COLORS are sold in 4 Pks of all 4 bright colors. This is a random sampling of 1 color of this Collection.
  • 2 PK ANTIMICROBIALS: 1 Pewter Grey & 1 Sahara Tan
  • 1 PRO

No matter the Collection, ALL UltimateCloths are made from the patented MIrafiber technology meaning they share the same amazing cleaning attributes including picking up 99.9% bacteria & other contaminants from your surfaces. They are also all washable & bleachable.

However, our individual Collections DO have some differences which makes each one fun and unique:

  • The CLASSIC WHITES are our originals. They are the basic, economical workhorses with no dyes. They might show stains a little easier, but they’ll always get the job done! They also come in 3 sizes for our customers convenience!
  • The COLORS allow for color coding for different jobs/rooms or surfaces.
  • Whereas ALL UltimateCloths pick up to 99.9% of bacteria and other contaminants from your surfaces, the ANTIMICROBIALS will go to work killing the bacteria pulled into the cloth while also preventing bacteria & mold growth.
  • AND last, but not least… the PRO was created with a dimpled effect which our customers feel gives it a little extra ‘umph’ when cleaning.

This is a great introductory to all of our UltimateCloth Collections - What a great opportunity to get to know & love them all!

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