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WOW! A whole new UltimateCloth that’s like no other... Introducing our new PROfessional, Limited Edition cloth that is manufactured with a special ‘dimpled’ point seal surface that can tackle just about anything you can throw at it! Created for those tougher jobs, this unique textured design picks up dirt and grime faster than a construction worker can whistle at the ladies. Like all UltimateCloth products, the PRO is made with the advanced Mirafiber technology and is used wet with water only. Prepare to be amazed at how quickly this cloth works on the tough stuff!


  • Eco-friendly cleaning - no chemicals in the cloth or needed to clean even the worst jobs
  • Unique dimpled cloth surface is designed for heavy, tough and dirty surfaces
  • No health and safety warning labels! Effective on all your surfaces yet safe for YOU, the environment, your family and your pets
  • Guaranteed for several hundred washing cycles – dimples will not wash out
  • Simply hand or machine wash when dirty and hang to dry

The UltimateCloth PROfessional cleaning cloths have all the cleaning attributes of our Classics, Colors and Antimicrobials with the added benefit of a textured surface. And as a multi-surface cleaning cloth, using just water, it's easy to go from room to room, job to job and surface to surface saving you time and money!

So quit foolin’ around and give the new UltimateCloth PRO a try!


  • Approximate size is 15" X 16" 
  • Made with Patented MiraFiber technology

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