Great for everything! Household chores to washing your car!
"We really love Ultimate clothes and purchase them annually because they last that long...even longer! We share them with friends they get hooked! "
Rochele H.
C Murphy
Corinne M.
Amazing Cloth
"I love these cloths! They are amazing on all stainless steel and granite let alone the amazing job on windows and mirrors....."
Dianne F.
Fabulous product
"This is my second time purchasing a large number of cloths. I wash them and they last for years and years but at some point you want fresh ones. This is an amazing product. I cannot day enough good things about these cloths. There is NO downside. "
Cheryl S.
Everything was Just fine, thanks
"Everything was Just fine, thanks"
Tim G.
Ultimate Cloth
"I love these cloths. Have been using them for a year now & gave a couple to family to try. They make my cleaning so much easier."
Linda M.
Miracle Cloths
"I can’t have enough of these! The colored ones are my favorites. I am a cleaning freak and I have never found anything that makes my mirrors, stainless steel, my glasses, sparkle better than the Ultimate Cloths. I highly recommended them!"
Patsi G.
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"These are amazing. Cleans glass, mirrors, etc with no streaking. I have been using these for years. You won’t be disappointed!"
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Excellent cloth
"Useful for all kitchen and household jobs. "
Linda E.
Best cleaning cloth I have ever used
"I love these cloths! I buy then for my mom and she loves them too."
Deborah B.
"Used other 100% cotton diapers microfiber, and other clothes designed for cleaning. UltimateCloth is exactly what the name implies. Ultimate."
Larry G.
"There is nothing these Ultimate Cloths! I couldn’t live without them. No streaks, no chemicals, clean every time. Thank you for this amazing product! "
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"These are the greatest. Very absorbent and just the right size!!"
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"The cloths are amazing! Cleaning is so much easier and faster and, no cleaning product is needed. The cloths can be washed and reused over and over and can be used on any surface. Also, I cannot say enough about the wonderful, personal customer service!"
Pam H.
"I own a small house cleaning business. One of my new clients gave me an UltimateCloth to try out. I’m in LOVE! Makes my stainless steel appliances look amazing and no streaks! No buffing! What? I’m super excited! Faster, easier, & no chemicals! What more could you ask for? Worked great on all my glass, countertops,& my cell phone screen. Truly a great money saving product. "
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Ultimate Cloths are AMAZING
"Love them! No harsh chemicals that can cause harm to humans and pets needed. Just wet the cloth and clean!"
Brenda B.
GREAT product!
"You know it is really nice when you buy a product and it does exactly what is says!!! No more windex, or stainless spray cleaners, etc! I received a cloth for a gift, used it and turned around and bought this pack for friends and family!!!! LOVE IT!!!!"
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Ultimate cloths
"I really like the clotbs."
Beva R.
they work
"Cut down window cleaning time in half -- thank you"
Charles G.
Amazing cloth
"There is no better way to clean glass. I also have very wide blinds and have never cleaned them well because of their size. I used the ultimate cloth and was so pleased with the results! There's no mess and I didn't have to remove them from the window. Thank you so much for this product. "
Ann B.
I have been using these
"I have been using these cloths for a few years now. They are fantastic and I will never be without them. I have given several as gifts and people don't believe how easy they are to use until they try and are truly amazed at the great job they do. My mirrors, patio doors, shower doors and windows have never looked so good. They shine - no smears or streaks. GREAT PRODUCT! "
Margaret M.
Great product
"I needed to replace the ones I’ve had for years. I give them to everyone I know."
Kim D.
"My sister bought me these cloths years ago and she has replaced them for me over the years I love them"
Lisa M.
love ultimate cloth
"We have used the ultimate cloths for 7 years and love them. We use them for all glass surfaces and for hard surfaces."
Harold L.
Ultimate Cloth really is the ultimate cloth!
"I LOVE these cloths....especially on my mirrors and the front windshield on the inside of my car. I bought extras this year to give as gifts. Never change a thing, and never go away! Thank you!"
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Tailor Maid
"Ive never been disappointed. Will always use. Thank you.. "
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Great Product
"Cleans anything. infinitely reusable. great for any surface you want streak free"
Ultimate Cloth
"I have been using mine for years. It was time to get some new ones, many of which I gave to family members as stocking stuffers for their Christmas stockings."
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