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UltimateCloth Antimicrobial: Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloth

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In addition to picking up 99.9% of bacteria from your surfaces, our Antimicrobial Cloths immediately go to work killing those contaminants that have been pulled into the cloth! 

  • Can be stored in moist conditions without mildew or bacteria growth.
  • Prevents odors caused by bacteria and other contaminants. 
  • Antimicrobial properties remain in cloth after hundreds of washing cycles.
  • Keep a cloth over your kitchen faucet or in shower stall for quick cleanups.
  • Store one in gym bags to wick off sweat and another to clean sporting equipment.
  • Travel: store in saddlebags, glove compartments, picnic hampers & more.


  • Comes together in two classic colors: Sahara Tan and Slate Grey.
  • Measures standard size 14" X 16".
  • Always rinse cloth of debris prior to storage – wash when dirty.

Simple Use

  1. Wet with Water
  2. Wring Tight
  3. Wipe your Surface
  4. Walk Away - Leaving a crystal clean surface with no second cloth or paper towels needed to dry or polish.

Easy Care

  • Machine or hand wash with soap or detergent in warm water when dirty or if leaving streaks.
  • Bleach OK.
  • Fabric softener NOT OK.
  • Always wash cloths alone or with other lint-free items.
  • Air dry.
  • Dirt can scratch, but the cloth will not. Make sure your cloth is clean & free of dirt or grit from any previous use prior to cleaning a delicate surface.
  • Wring wet cloth thoroughly to ensure a streak free and spot free finish.

    Click here for our full FAQ.

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Excellent Product

I've been using your products for many years. I've never been disappointed. I've given them to family, friends and neighbors. They're great for cleaning without using chemicals.

Julie D.
United States United States

I wish I could give you more than five stars

This is probably the best product I have ever bought. I know that sounds crazy but I use it for so many things. My favorite thing is wiping down my appliances to a gleaming shine, but the best use is I have two big dogs and they love to look out my picture window. I have dog nose prints on my window all day, so a quick wipe down with my Ultima cloth cleans those windows quick and dry in a second. I believe that if people understood this product better and used it properly, they would also be a lifetime customer. It must be rinsed and rung almost dry. It works like a chamois sort of. I use it several times everyday. And I now have my daughter, granddaughter and friends all hooked on them. Thank you, Ultima cloth.

Terri B.
United States United States

Not what I expected

These cloths are not what I expected. I don’t like the stiffness. Hard to use. Wish I had not bought them,

Deborah N.
United States United States

Thankful for a great product made in America

Cloths really leave a streak free shine. The fabric is not super soft but hopefully doing a great job killing those germs. The fabric doesn’t smell so that’s a good hint.

angie T.
United States United States

Antimicrobial Ultimate Cloth

I’ve been using these cloths for several years and they are the best cloths for cleaning in my kitchen. I’ve given them away to some of my friends.

Elaine W.
United States United States

Great cleaning

Very happy with products. They perform as advertised.

Betty J.
United States United States

Love this product!

A friend told me about these cloths a few years ago and I really love them. They are extremely versatile and don’t leave streaks on windows or surfaces. Would highly recommend!

Melissa B.
United States United States

Great product

I have been using these clothes for at about 15 years and I can’t say enough good things about them. From windows to mirrors to counter tops and appliances, they leave everything sparkling without streaks or lint, and all without using any type of detergent. I am anxious to try the antimicrobial ones that I just bought.

Susan W.
United States United States

Exactly what I wanted

I have loved my ultimate cloth ever since I started using them many years ago. I had one of the mops that ultimate cloth used to sell and wore it out and needed a new one. I didn’t want to settle for a store bought one so I ordered the antimicrobial and also the heavy cleaning cloth, cut them into strips and made myself a mop. Works great! I hope you never quit selling the ultimate cloth

Karen S.
United States United States

Excellent cloth

First time buyer of this particular cloth (but long time buyer of their other cloths). LOVE this for my granite tops, wiping window frame, etc. I will continue to purchase these in the future. Thank you for your great products.

Lynda P.
United States United States

Excellent product

It does exactly what it claims. I tried everything to get fingerprints of a black fridge, you know the kind with ridges in it, in an rv and nothing worked until I got the ultimate cloth.

Cathy H.
United States United States

Love our Ultimate Cloth

We have enjoyed using our Ultimate Cloth in the kitchen and bath. They are durable, strong and easy to clean.

Larry L.
United States United States

Best cleaning product out

The Ultimate Cloth always delivers the best cleaning…as long as you rinse ALL of the detergent out!

Margaret M.
United States United States


so easy to use just wet and wipe no extra cleaning stuff. they keep the shie longer and i am not dusting as offen.

Sherrie W.
United States United States

Ultimate cloths

Best product to clean all my glass top tables and widows. Washable and reusable

Sue C.
United States United States

Heavy Duty Cloths

I love these cloths. Although they are not heavy duty. They feel the same as the other cloths that I have ordered. The only difference is these cloths are a little bit softer. Also they are the same size as the others that I have ordered. The measurements are not 14 x 16. They are 13 1/2 x 15 1/2. they are great, also they last a very long time. Everyone should have a good supply of these cloths. You’ll never find these cloths in any store.

Brenda S.
United States United States

Antimicrobial clothes

Have been using them in my kitchen for a long time. Love them and wouldn’t ever use anything different

Elaine W.
United States United States

Really a Miracle Cloth

We use it on all our bathroom mirrors and fixtures, takes off the soap grime and leaves it clean. We have several in our RV, saves paper towels, it rinses well and drys quickly. Very pleased with this product, I ordered more of the colored cloths.

James L.
United States United States

Ultimate Cloth

Works amazingly on all surfaces especially glasses and mirrors.

Reza M.
United States United States

Awesome cloths

Yesterday I used the new anti-microbial cloths for the first time! They are awesome to say the least! I used them on my shower doors that I had a difficult time getting the hard water stains off and this cloth removed it first try! I keep one now hanging on my shower door and after I take my shower I wipe the door down with this awesome cloth and bye-bye spots and film! I have your white cloths and yellow ones as well and use them all the time I just love your product! My daughter told me that she used the anti microbial on her granite and it did an awesome job. I bought her a bunch of these cloths for her birthday she was thrilled! I have to tell you these cloths are wonderful on car windows! Never a streak!

Marlene L.
United States United States