Pack of 2 UltimateCloth PRO Cloths
UltimateCloth PRO Cloth wiping microwave
UltimateCloth PRO Cloth wiping a counter
UltimateCloth PRO Cloth wiping a shower handle
Pack of 2 UltimateCloth PRO Cloths
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UltimateCloth PRO: Textured Surface for Extra Cleaning Action

37 reviews
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Created for those tougher, dirtier jobs, this unique textured design picks up dirt and grime fast with a built in scrubbing action that gives a superior clean like the real PROfessional that it is! 

  • Made with patented Mirafiber technology. Cleans wet with water only.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning - no chemicals in the cloth or needed to clean even the worst jobs.
  • Unique dimpled cloth surface is designed for heavy, tough and dirty surfaces.
  • Measures approximately 15" X 16".

Simple Use

  1. Wet with Water
  2. Wring Tight
  3. Wipe your Surface
  4. Walk Away - Leaving a crystal clean surface with no second cloth or paper towels needed to dry or polish.

Easy Care

  • Machine or hand wash with soap or detergent in warm water when dirty or if leaving streaks.
  • Bleach OK.
  • Fabric softener NOT OK.
  • Always wash cloths alone or with other lint-free items.
  • Air dry.
  • Dirt can scratch, but the cloth will not. Make sure your cloth is clean & free of dirt or grit from any previous use prior to cleaning a delicate surface.
  • Wring wet cloth thoroughly to ensure a streak free and spot free finish.

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The cloth is wonderful ! I save for The end of the day when I want to Make everything shine

Mary S.
United States

How Did I Ever Live Without These Cloths!

I just reordered some of the standard size white ultimate cloths to replace some of mine that have been used to clean my windows too many times. For years I tried every method I heard about to clean the windows, but always ended up with some streaking. These cloths do a great job and do not leave streaks as long as they are clean and wrung out thoroughly. My husband was amazed when I cleaned the car windows with them. They had never looked so good! I also love the heavy duty ones to clean the ceramic tile in my shower, and the anti-bacterial ones for the bathroom, including my wood look flooring. I tell people about these wonderful cleaning tools all the time!

Pam W.
United States United States

Ultimate cloth

I been buying this cloth for year. Like hem so much ! I gave them to my friends and they like them.

Natalia B.
United States United States

There’s nothing like the ultimate cloth

They clean the windows to spotless! It’s not a big effort on my part other than to be sure I squeeze the water out before I use it! Almost effortless.

J R.
United States United States

My most favorite cleaning cloth ever!

I have been using the ultimate cloth for YEARS! Perfectly gets the bugs off the grill of my beloved 92 jeep wrangler, cleans my white wagon wheels, cleans all glass, (streak free), cleans my brand new car, and all the brake dust, and I am a school bus driver, with lots of windows to clean…perfect for the job!! I give them to all my friends and co workers! I have never met anyone who was not impressed! Best thing EVER!

Amy T.
United States United States

A clean car

No expensive car washers for me. I simply use the heavy duty Ultimate Cloth Pro and In no time the car sines

Marge K.
United States United States

Loved every purchase I have made from you

Marilyn G.
United States United States

great for everything

love the cloth and what you can clean just with water.

Mynor M.
United States United States

Ultimate cloth.

I really like this cloth. Works so well, I do whipping, polish , washing dishes. Very satisfied with them. Also giving them to my friends as a gift. They like them too.

Natalia B.
United States United States

The cloth feels stiff - maybe because it's new?

I just got a solid surface stove, got this cloth to keep the surface clean. It feels real stiff, look forward to getting it to soften up. Doesn't leave any lint and streaks are gone, a real plus. Doesn't leave scratches - something I was worried about. Positive about the product, look forward to improvement.

K A.
United States United States

A purchase you will not regret!!

I will definitely be purchasing more of these and recommending them to others in the future!! They are so easy to use and I love that there are no toxic chemicals involved. I also love that they are washable for multiple uses.

Lisa C.
United States United States

It’s magic!

My windows look like they disappeared!! Mirrors perfect - I’m sending the link to all my friends!

Renee M.
United States United States

Excellent product!!!

I ordered this cloth thinking it wouldn't possibly work as well with me as it did in the ad. Boy was I wrong!!! I have used this cloth on bathroom mirrors and it works fabulously! You do not have to dry the mirror. The key is to wet the cloth and wring it out really, really well. I have also used it on the glass of my French doors and again, you don't have to dry the glass after you have wiped it down. I love this product!!!

Robin L.
United States United States

Amazing Cloth

The ultimate cloth is everything it says and more for cleaning mirrors, windows, windshields,etc! I received one as a gift and immediately ordered some so I could also give as gifts! With my last order, I got some free Ultimate opti-cloths and they too are wonderful! Nothing cleans our eye glasses like they do! I am a very happy customer and by giving them as gifts, I’m making many more happy people and possible customers!! Thank you for a wonderful product. Lorraine M.

Lorraine M.
United States United States

great cloths

These cloths work magic on my stainless steel appliances!

Judith E.
United States United States

Simply the best

The cloth is the best stainless steel cleaner ever. This is worth every penny you pay for it! I have one cloth for inside use and one for outside use. Never been disappointed in the results.

Carla J.
United States United States


these cloths are fantastic. i have a big balcony door with all like box shaped glass and these cloths just wipe with water and the glass is sparkling. i love them, and recently started buying for family members. will most assuredly buy again and again.

Barbara G.
United States United States

Excellent Cloth

This cloth is GREAT! I doubt I will ever use anything else.

Lorraine M.
United States United States

The ultimate!!!

I love these cloths. One thing I wish you had was a mop—otherwise they are perfect.

Pat Q.
United States United States

Super clothsi

I love them. My windows have never been easier to keep streak free.

Pat Q.
United States United States