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Always make sure your cloths have our signature rounded corners to ensure you have an authentic Mirafiber® product!

From your big jobs to your everyday cleanups, our two most popular sizes are included in this economical package!
ultimate cloth are best way to clean windows
UC CLASSICS (White) UC COLORS Combination Packages 
Micro-Magic Mop PRO
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ultimate cloth are best way to clean windows
Ultimate Cloth Originals

ultimate cloth are best way to clean windows

  • All made from the revolutionary, multipatented MiraFiber® technology.
  • Guaranteed streak free, lint free, spot & dust free cleaning
  • Washable & Bleachable for Disinfection
  • Warrantied for 100's of washings
  • The more you buy, the more you save!
Ultimate Cloth Classic Whites! The absolute best cloth for cleaning all your prized surfaces. Made with patented  MiraFiber technology.

The Original!
(13.5" X 15.5")

  • This is the size you came to know and love! Essential to have multiples in every home!
  • Great for all most cleaning jobs and excels (as all our cloths do) at cleaning all the smooth surfaces of your home and businesses.
  • Packaged individually for your gift giving convenience!

The 'BadBoy'
(15.5" X 19.5")

  • Same as our Original, but almost 45% larger for big jobs such as vehicles (of all sizes)
  • BAD on dirt, grease and grime. TENDER on your delicate surfaces such as paint, chrome, lexan, leather & more.
  • Packaged individually

Our 'OptiCloth Packs'
(5" X 7")

  • Perfect size to keep in your office, purse, in your car and at your bedside
  • Keep your eyewear and touch devices crystal clear with these amazing cloths
  • 3 OpitCloths to every package - so you can have them in convenient places!

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Ultimate Cloth comes in COLORS!
stainless cleaner green logo

Same great MiraFiber® Technology - Same great characteristics and cleaning power of the Ultimate Cloth Classics
(Size Medium 13.5" X 15.5")

  • Retail Price $25/Package - with all 4 COLORS in each pack
  • Gives you the opportunity to use different colors for specific locations in your home and business
  • Won't get thrown away by accident
  • Are great at hiding dirt and stains.
  • Amazingly... Can be bleached for disinfection.
Ultimate Cloth COLORS - keep one for every room. Made with patented Mirafiber technology!

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    Care of all Ultimate Cloths®:
  • Machine or hand wash with any detergent - Can be Bleached! Air dry - No Fabric Softeners      
    (A clean cloth will never streak or spot, so if you ARE getting streaks or spots - it's time to rinse it well or to wash it with soap or detergent)
  • To Use: Dampen Cloths with Water Only & Wring out WELL. You do not have to dry with other cloths or paper towels. Water spots simply means the cloth was not wrung out well enough.
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Ultimate Cloth Combination Packages
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ultimate cloth deluxe clean kit for windows, stainless steel & much more
ultimate cloth home care package
stainless cleaner green logo
ultimate cloth electronics kit
ultimate cloth clean green kit
stainless cleaner green logo
Ultimate Cloths Professional Mop - the Micromagic Mop PRO! The perfect commercial grade mop for all your big floor cleaning jobs

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So Lightweight. So Effective. So Easy.

One important note: The home size mop is temporarily unavailabe due to quality control issues, yet we still have a limited quantity of the quality commercial grade mops. Even though this is a Professional mop, many of our customers who have LARGE areas of mostly hardwood, tile or laminate floors have become fans of this mop for the ease of use and speed of cleaning their floors with the larger surface area of the PRO.

  • Extremely lightweight! Strands are made from a unique high grade spun lace microfiber. Customers love them for ALL floors (& boat decks) - great for hardwood, tiles, marbles & laminates
  • Safe for all surfaces - cleans with just water. No soaps or chemicals needed!
  • Effectively grabs dirt, stickiness, hair and grease.
  • High absorption - cleans spills quickly leaving a dry floor in minutes with no water spots or chemical streaks.
  • Washable and bleachable for disinfection
  • See Care Instructions
Spun Lace microfiber - Micro-Magic Mop brought to you by the Ultimate Cloth® product line. String mop that uses just water and leaves all floor surfaces streak free. Cleans hardwood, laminate, tile, marble floors. Professional mop.

Micro-Magic Mop™ PRO - industrial 225 gm weight

$26.00 each or red starSave 33% Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

- This does NOT fit standard mop handles. It clamps onto Commercial Handles (not provided)

    Care of the Micro-Magic Mops™:
  • Machine wash with mild detergent on gentle cycle - recommend using large garment bag. Rinse well. OR simply soak in bucket of water with mild detergent- add 1/2 cup bleach if needed. Rinse well. No fabric softeners!       
  • To Use: Wet well in a bucket of water & Wring out tight. Always use clean water and do not use soap or other cleaning products. Mop is designed to clean with water only.


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