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We give you the Exclusive
Mirafiber® PLATINUM Collection

our new line of Multi-Surface *Antimicrobial* cloths

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Made from our unique Mirafiber® technology, our Antimicrobial cloths have all of the amazing cleaning and wiping attributes of all UltimateCloths™ – AND MORE! In addition to picking up 99.9% of bacteria from your surfaces, our Platinum Antimicrobial Cloths will then kill those contaminants within 24 hours! This is accomplished through incorporating silver microfilament directly into our unique & patented hydro-entangling process. Here's some fun facts about our new Antimicrobial cloth:

  • Can be stored in moist conditions up to 24 hours without mildew or bacteria growth.
  • Prevents odors caused by bacteria and other contaminants.
  • NO health and safety warning labels! So very effective on all your surfaces yet safe for the environment, your home and your family.
  • Antimicrobial properties remain in cloth after several hundred washing cycles

Recommended Use:

  • Keep a cloth over your kitchen faucet or in your shower stall for quick clean-ups
  • Store one in gym bags to wick off sweat and another one to clean all of your sporting equipment - big & small.
  • Don't forget to use them on doorknobs, light switches, family phones or shared computer keyboards to help stop the spread of germs.
  • Use for Travel: store in glove compartments, saddlebags, picnic hampers & more.
  • Always rinse cloth of debris prior to storage – wash when dirty.
Each package contains two great colors: Sahara Tan and Slate Grey – They fit into any rooms color scheme and can be used for color coding different areas of your home or business. Sized 13.5" x 15.5"
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All UltimateCloths ™ are made of Mirafiber® and share the characteristics listed below. No other product on the market is made of the worldwide patented Mirafiber® technology.

You've Got to See • Feel • Experience the Difference!

Ultimately Effective

  • Multipurpose and super easy! One cloth safely wipes every hard surface clean in one easy step.
  • Use dampened with water alone to pick up 99.9% of dirt and bacteria.
  • Streak Free, Spot Free, Lint, Dust & Grease Free finish every time.
  • Our Platinum line of Antimicrobial Cloths not only pick up the dirt and bacteria as all Mirafiber® cloths do, but also go one step further by killing 99.99% of contaminants left in the cloth.

Simple Use

  1. Wet with Water
  2. Wring Tight
  3. Wipe your Surface
  4. Walk Away - Leaving a crystal clean surface with no second cloth or paper towels needed to dry or polish.

Easy Care

  • Machine or hand wash with soap or detergent in warm water when dirty or if leaving streaks.
  • Bleach OK.
  • Fabric softener NOT OK.
  • Always wash cloths alone or with other lint-free items.
  • Air dry
  • Dirt can scratch, but the cloth will not. Make sure your cloth is clean & free of dirt or grit from any previous use prior to cleaning a delicate surface.
  • Wring wet cloth thoroughly to ensure a Streak Free and Spot Free finish.