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1 Ultimate Cloth - Effectively cleans & removes 99.9% of bacteria from your prized surfaces
An Ultimate Cloth cleans in 1 Step - Making a fast & easy job of your summer cleaning with NO messy cleaning chemicals or soaps
An Ultimate Cloth always produces a Beautiful Streak Free, Spotless Finish - guaranteed AND it's so durable, it's warranted for years. An Ultimate Cloth is simply the best cleaner on the market today
Ultimate Cloths make your Fall chores Simple and Oh, So Easy
(Giving you more time to do the things you enjoy!)
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stainless cleaner


One step cleaning on all smooth surfaces: cleans, dries & polishes in one step.

  • Replaces all harsh cleaners & paper towels using water only! No sprays, pastes or paper towels.
  • Award Winning* Ultimate Cloths® leave a guaranteed streak free, spot free, lint & dust free finish every time.
  • Washable & Bleachable - 5 Year Warranty*

Ultimate Cloths are made from the high tech multi-patented MiraFiber® technology which contains NO chemicals and requires NO chemicals for effective cleaning!

From windows, mirrors, stainless steel, small & large electronics to windshields, brake dust & more.... Watch how the amazing MiraFiber® technology performs on your prized surfaces:

stainless cleaner

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Ultimate Cloths® are not available in large retail stores. These products are sold exclusively through a strong network of Licensed Wholesalers, Independent Distributors and Fundraisers. Make sure you look for the Ultimate Cloth and MiraFiber trademarks to make sure you're getting the genuine, original Ultimate Cloth®.

ALSO: If you have previously purchased cloths through one of these venues, please reorder through them if possible. They've worked hard to earn your business.

  • Surfaces they Clean
  • What they Remove
  • Benefits to You
  • Safety
  • Use & Care
  • 2011 Award*

    You're going to be skeptical... but only til you try it for yourself. (Be sure to read the testimonials our customers have taken time to write in our guestbook):

  • Home & Business - Besides your windows, glass & mirrors... great for shower doors, bathroom tile, countertops, appliances - including stainless steel, corian, granite, marble, glass-topped & black appliances. Computer screens, TV screens, framed Artwork, glass Patio Tables, Sporting Equipment... get the picture?
  • Electronics - computer screens, ipads, laptops, lcds, plasma screens, cell phones, camera lens...
  • Vehicles - Autos, Motorcycles, Boats & RV's - tough enough to get the bugs, tar, brake dust & boot marks; effectively cleans without scratching windshields, lexan, paint, chrome. Cleans to a sparkle top to bottom/ inside & out. Convenient as it travels with you - just dampen & clean wherever you are.
Streak Free window cleaner - the Ultimate Cloth®. No more streaks when sunlight comes through the window.
mirafiber illustration

Ultimate Cloths® are made from a unique technology called MiraFiber®. The revolutionary patented manufacturing process produces millions of internal 'scoops' that effectively pull all contaminants from your surfaces and traps them into the fibers of the cloth..

This includes - but as we have learned from our customers, is definitely not limited to:
Dirt, Grease, Grime, Bacteria, Stickiness, Fingerprints, Hair spray, Bugs, Smoke Film, Tar, Brake Dust, Dog Nose Prints, Soap Scum!


    IT CLEANS BETTER! And if that's not enough....

  • Cleans, dries & polishes in an exclusive 'One Step' wiping process that cuts cleaning time in half.
  • Leaves a streak free, spot free, lint & dust free finish every time.
  • Extreme durability allows for the Ultimate Cloth® to be guaranteed up to 5 years general home use!
  • Using no chemicals, it is safe for you and your family. Gentle on the environment.
  • Washable and can be bleached for disinfection!
Ultimate Cloths® eliminate chemical cleaners and you can move from surface to surface using just the cloth. Ultimate Cloths® are delicate enough to clean porcelain, tile, marble, granite surfaces in your bathroom. Mirrors and showerdoors are always left streak free.


Ultimate Cloths® eliminate chemical cleaners and you can move from surface to surface using just the cloth. Ultimate Cloths® are delicate enough to clean porcelain, tile, marble, granite surfaces in your bathroom. Mirrors and showerdoors are always left streak free.

    Yes, it's a premier, green cleaning product (but you don't even have to want to be 'green' to love it)

  • Safe for ALL surfaces: no chemicals to mar or blur delicate surfaces and a clean cloth will never scratch even a CD!
  • Eco-Friendly - No chemicals in the cloth - uses water only for all cleaning jobs.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and caustic cleaning chemicals... better for you, your children and the environment!
  • Great for people with chemical sensitivities.
  • Eliminates the need for costly paper towels... you get to save a lot of trees!
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process that has won international awards.


Simply Wet it with water - Wring it tight - Wipe your surface - Walk Away!
Then Rinse or Wash the cloth & it's ready to go back to work for you - over & over.
Can be bleached for disinfection.


2010 Visionary Product Award 2010
Ultimate Cloth,LLC BBB Business Review

Too many products on the market today are 'over-hyped', yet underperform... so if you didn't hear about us from one of our thousands of satisfied customers, we understand you may be skeptical. It's why we have a 100% money back guarantee.

We also understand that if you didn't hear about the Ultimate Cloths from a trusted friend or family member, then we guarantee they haven't heard about them either! When you fall in love with them - and you will love using them on all your surfaces - be sure to spread the word... they're just too good not to share!

In the meantime... Be sure to read our customer reviews!

Manufacturers of traditional cleaning products love you! Large companies and their stockholders depend on you to buy their products that need costly refills on a regular basis. Read how they accomplish this and what you can do about it....

If you are Concerned about the chemicals being used in your home and the harm they are causing you and your loved ones then... Read more on why you are right to be.

Isn't it time to join the thousands of people who have found a better way to clean?

The Ultimate Cloth® cleans autos from inside out. Streak Free windows, Streak Free windshield. Detailing for paint body, chrome & more.

" I just had to share a picture of my Bentley - it's truly my 'Pride & Joy'. The Ultimate Cloth® is all I will use on it... inside/out - top to bottom! It's unbelievable how easy it is to keep it sparkling.!

I have a successful international eBay business selling motoring books for classic cars. My customers are car enthusiasts and I now include an Ultimate Cloth® with every book I ship out. It's just too good not to share with others."

R. Christie - Broadway, Worcestershire, England - The Cotswolds