Ahhh…. Spring is officially here!

And while some of us might live in areas where the weather doesn’t quite feel like Spring yet, we can always ‘experience’ it in advance. Simply lean back, close your eyes and…

Hear the fun sounds of birds singing, bees buzzing, crickets chirping, children playing…

Feel the warm rays of the sun and the gentle breezes on your skin,

Picture the blue skies and budding flowers,

Smell the freshly cut grass and the first drops of a spring rain,

Think about family barbecues, upcoming summer vacation and … Spring Cleaning.

Ooops- sorry about that. Didn’t mean to interrupt the quiet reverie!

I know most people dread the very thought of Spring Cleaning and it’s probably safe to say that most would not think this yearly chore would ever fit into daydreams of ice cream cones and butterfly kisses!

(It would probably look more like equating Spring Cleaning with having a cavity filled or having to go on poop patrol prior to mowing the grass!)

I understand. Because if I had to clean with all this stuff, I’d dread it too!

The good news, is that it doesn’t have to be that way!

UltimateCloths will replace 90% of traditional (smelly, yukky, messy, ineffective, totally expensive) cleaning methods: soaps, chemicals, paper towels, sponges and yes… even OTHER Cleaning Cloths!

And the absolute TOPPER is that they do a better job! Guaranteed!

Whether you’re gearing up for Spring Cleaning or still just dreading (I mean DREAMING) about it, our Spring Cleaning Specials make it the perfect time to stock up on the only Cloths that do it ALL in one simple step: Just wipe your surface. Oh yeah, you do have to wet it and wring it out first.

What’s not to love?

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