Manufacturers of conventional cleaning products love you!

Large companies and their stockholders depend on you to buy their cleaning products on a regular basis – not to mention the costly refills! And they’re able to get by with it simply because when you use technologies such as sponges, paper towels, regular cloths & microfibers (‘so yesterday’ as my grandson says) to wipe and clean with, a cleaning chemical or soap is always needed to cut grease, grime, stickiness, dirt, bacteria and germs from your surfaces. So you're stuck buying them…

But it gets worse…the manufacturers take it a step further by convincing you that you need to buy different chemicals/cleaners for individual surfaces. As a result, you are now buying an antimicrobial kitchen cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, marble cleaner, shower door cleaner, flat top stove cleaner, window cleaner and so much more… Now that’s good marketing! Beneficial for them but even more expensive for you!!

And most recently some major Cleaning Cloth companies (you know who they are) have come to recognize that the cleaning chemical manufacturers have a great racket going and so they’re getting in on the action by selling consumers a different cloth – and sometimes two – for every surface!


Thank goodness, UltimateCloths are Different:

  • No soaps or chemicals are needed to pick up grease, grime, dirt, stickiness, bacteria and germs from your surfaces.
  • No monthly refills are needed (though you will get addicted and come back for more 😊)
  • One cloth will safely and effectively clean ALL surfaces inside and outside your home, business and vehicles.
  • You’ll save time and money while getting a Safer, Better Clean!

So, what’s under your sinks? Are they full of caustic fume producing soaps, cleaning chemicals and disinfectants that are dangerous for you, your children and your pets? Have you ever had the heart pounding experience of mistakenly using the wrong cleaner for a surface and afraid you might have ruined it?

Isn’t it time to Stop the Insanity?

Perhaps instead of buying the frustrating, time-sucking, money wasting, environment threatening, conventional cleaners, you should purchase UltimateCloths and then with all the money you save, purchase stock in the companies that sell these cleaners.

Your kids will thank you; your surfaces will sparkle for you;
and your spouse will think you're really smart!

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  • Sue on

    Love these cloths. Use them every day on my glass kitchen table and counters. Use them in all 3 bathrooms and every other room in my house. Currently in the process of spring cleaning. No streaks on windows , mirrors, and glass top tables best of all no harsh chemicals.

  • Lynda on

    I love your products. Been using every day in my kitchen for years. And of course other places & uses when needed. I pass on packed cloths to friends & explain it to them so they become users also. I also speak of your company employing special needs individuals. Bless you all.

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