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UltimateCloths and Bees.

What do they have in common you may ask? Actually, they both are vital to a healthy environment!

Let me tell you a little story…

This past Saturday was a beautiful day in Ohio. With the temperature in the upper 70’s, blue skies and a gentle breeze, it was the perfect time for Steve and I to have lunch with friends on the patio of one of our favorite restaurants.

Through the stressors of the past several months, it was a much needed relaxing start to a holiday weekend! Deep breath and a contented sigh. It just doesn’t get better than that…

And then, we heard The Buzz. I’m sure you’ve been there - It started out as a low humming but gained in volume as the little guy came closer, dancing in his orange & black suit around our glasses, delighted that someone new had arrived at his party. Ignoring him as much as possible, we weren’t aware until it was almost too late that he had danced his way into one of our friends glasses.

Our friend wasn’t amused. And when Steve grabbed the glass to fish the little guy out, our friend said not to worry about it as he was just going to have them bring him a new beverage. Steve explained that he wasn’t worried about the beverage – he was rescuing the Bee!

Now, for all you bee lovers out there, that probably doesn’t come as a surprise but you might agree that what came next does. When our server came out, she apologized that they were having a bit of a problem with bees but were making a serious effort to keep ‘the problem’ at a minimum without the use of sprays or chemicals. They were doing so by keeping the tables clean and food off the patio as much as possible. Yay for them! She also said that she had (kindly) told customers that were irritated by them that she would be happy to prepare a table inside for them. Yay for her!

Okay, so I agree that they can be irritating at times, but have you noticed there haven’t been as many this year? The fact of the matter is they’re in trouble. In the effort to have weed free lawns, perfect flowers and gardens and pest free decks and patios, we’re killing them.

AND by killing them, we are jeopardizing our environment and our economy BOTH of which are vital to our world. You see, we need bees! They are vital for stable, healthy food supplies and are necessary for the production of the nutritious diets we need & have come to expect.

On a colorful note, they also pollinate about 80% of our wildflowers which make our countryside so beautiful!

So, this Labor Day, make the ‘buzz’ with your friends and family be about keeping the chemicals out of your homes AND your environment by using UltimateCloths to clean and tolerance of the Bees who want to join your party! If we keep spreading the word, more people and businesses will treat our environment a little more friendly for all living things!

Want to know more about the bees? There is so much great information on the internet and a good place to start is https://friendsoftheearth.uk/bees/why-do-we-need-bees

In the meantime… Clean Safe, Be Well & Always keep your Sense of Humor!

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