Earth Day is Every Day at UltimateCloth!

Chemical Free Earth Day Ecofriendly Green Cleaning

Earth Day is here and we’re SO excited about being a part of the solution to make our planet, our homes and our families more protected from the environmental issues that we all face every day.

Even though UltimateCloths are a very technologically advanced product, they also give us a chance to go back to a 'Simpler Time' by removing the chemicals from our environment and (ultimately) our bodies and our world.

An UltimateCloth is extremely ECO-FRIENDLY because it contains absolutely no chemicals inside the cloth (that could cause fumes in our households & leach into our grounds & water systems) And they clean every surface in our homes and businesses dampened with water only. It just doesn’t get better than that!


If you are someone who has not used an UltimateCloth before, let me ask you a couple of questions…

  • Do you strive to become more 'GREEN' because of your own chemical sensitivities or those of someone in your family?
  • Do you strive to become more 'GREEN' because you want to help stop the destruction of our environment for all those who follow us in the future?
  • Do you want to become more 'GREEN' because you feel that if everyone does 'a little bit' it will add up to a huge difference in the Planet? Well then, we welcome you to our Earth Day [everyday] philosophy!

You really do NOT have to settle for sub-standard cleaning from some of the products on the market that promote themselves as eco-friendly. We know you feel better about using them but most just don't work very well... You also don't have to settle for your family using a 'forest' of paper towels each week just cleaning up the day-to-day spills that we ALL get. If you’re tired of expensive chemicals that leave a film or haze on your surfaces then consider coming over from the 'dark side' and give the UltimateCloth a try. We guarantee that it REALLY DOES WORK which is why everyone who uses them falls in love and will never go back to the ‘old way’ of cleaning again.

In the meantime, please be sure to RECYCLE all of your glass, plastic and paper goods at every opportunity for the benefit of the Planet, our communities and for the good of us all. 

Happy Earth Day and God Bless!

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  • Julie on

    Ultimate cloths + DIY cleaners made with essential oils = happy, healthy, clean home :)

  • Ellen C Wheeler on

    I love these cloths, we have been using them for years. They work on almost everything

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