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There are SO many benefits to using an UltimateCloth! What benefit do you Love Most & Why?

If you're already a customer, you know there are a lot of benefits of using an UltimateCloth to clean. Just to summarize a few: Great Results: Picks up to 99.9% of bacteria and other contaminants. No more streaks, spots, lint or dust. No more fingerprints, dog nose prints, grease or grime!  Safe: No chemicals, non-scratch. Totally safe for people, kids &  pets. Safe for all surfaces. Safe for the environment.  Fast & Easy: multi-surface – tender enough for delicate electronics / tough enough to get grease & grime on stove top, 1 step cleaning – simply wipe & walk away  Cost Effective:  Extremely durable & washable for 100’s of uses. Eliminates most costly cleaning chemicals, soaps & paper towels AND...

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What can you expect of the UltimateCloth in regards to COVID-19

UltimateCloths and COVID 19 - what they can and cannot do!

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My Grandson's iPad - Ewww!

Your IPad and mobile phone is dirty! Clean it quickly & effectively with an UltimateCloth!

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