Deep Thoughts & Lofty Goals during the COVID-19 ‘Stay at Home’ mandate

When we were first quarantined, I was determined to come out of this crazy time 1) healthier – exercising, eating better & losing a few pounds, 2) more talented – taking online piano lessons and 3) done with my Spring Cleaning. All great goals…

Yet a couple weeks later and 5 pounds heavier, I had to wonder WHY I had only accomplished 1 out of the 3 goals and that one was the Spring Cleaning (go figure, it’s an UltimateCloth Blog).  The problem was that I had not even made ANY progress with the first 2!

After putting some thought into this whole goal thing, here’s what I concluded:

  • Goal #1 – Trying to go from ‘workaholic glued to the computer business owner’ to the Energizer, Workout Bunny overnight is not a great formula for success. I realized since then that it’s less overwhelming when I keep it SIMPLE and that changing one little thing a day could add up to a big difference!
  • Goal #2 - It’s easier to take online piano lessons if you have a piano
  • Goal #3 – (My only success) With an UltimateCloth you can always achieve your cleaning goals!

After weeks of not seeing my grandchildren, going out to dinner or just breezing through a grocery store, I realize that it’s the little things that I miss right now, but also it’s the little things that can make a difference in my health & state of mind. When walking 30 minutes seems like a burden, walking 5 minutes is better than none. Laughing at a funny movie can lighten the load and not taking yourself so seriously, recognizing that everyone’s going through their own tough time can go a long way to a healthy relationship.

This blog is not just for Ultimatecloth information… it’s also for sharing and keeping each other uplifted. I welcome you to share any tip you may have to staying healthy and upbeat through these trying times!

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