There are SO many benefits to using an UltimateCloth! What benefit do you Love Most & Why?

If you're already a customer, you know there are a lot of benefits of using an UltimateCloth to clean. Just to summarize a few:

  • Great Results: Picks up to 99.9% of bacteria and other contaminants. No more streaks, spots, lint or dust. No more fingerprints, dog nose prints, grease or grime!
  •  Safe: No chemicals, non-scratch. Totally safe for people, kids &  pets. Safe for all surfaces. Safe for the environment.
  •  Fast & Easy: multi-surface – tender enough for delicate electronics / tough enough to get grease & grime on stove top, 1 step cleaning – simply wipe & walk away
  •  Cost Effective:  Extremely durable & washable for 100’s of uses. Eliminates most costly cleaning chemicals, soaps & paper towels AND all the monthly refills on these products. Warrantied for up to 5 years general use. (Wow!)

Hard question to answer for me... We've used the UltimateCloths for 15 years. I'm a lung cancer survivor with grandkids who like to participate when I clean & multiple pets (we do have a dog, so don't call me the crazy cat lady just because we have 4 cat rescues! :) I love the fact that the cloths are safe for us all!

I love the fact that I can save money by walking right past the cleaning aisle 99% of the time and that I don't have rolls of paper towels on the shopping list every month.

I love the fact that I don't have to wash the windows & sliding glass doors a certain way on each side so I'll know where the streaks are after cleaning. Definitely a plus when cleaning dog & cat nose prints off the sliders EVERY DAY and another plus is not having a pile of paper towels at my feet when I'm done.

I love that because the cloths make it so easy to keep smudges and grease off my black granite and stainless steel, I am able to appreciate their beauty in my kitchen.

Over the past 15 years, a statement that has always made us smile - and believe it or not, we hear it a lot - is when someone first experiences the cloth and they say "Thanks to you, I couldn't stop cleaning!" Okay, even though I love the cloth, I can ALWAYS stop cleaning! I don't like to clean, but I do like having clean surfaces.

So I think my answer to this question is the time & effort savings...that most of all, I love how quickly I can go from room to room and leave behind crystal clean surfaces (and yes, I rinse, wash or change out cloths when necessary, which is why I have multiples).

What's your favorite benefit? We'd like to hear from you! Post a picture if you wish!

 Keep the Faith ~ Stay Safe & Healthy ~ Be sure to Maintain your Sense of Humor!



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  • Lynne Donnelly on

    The BEST benefit is that this is the easiest gift for a friend or family member who has everything! They hate me but love me at the same time. If you get this gift and you start to clean, it’s hard to stop. I can take it when they tell me they hate me ‘cause I know how spectacular their house, car, boat, mobile home, will look after this cloth has done it’s magic.

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