My Grandson's iPad - Ewww!

I have a 6 year old grandson who does things BIG... everything is BIG! Including sneezing, sniffling, coughing & blowing when he's not feeling sporty;  eating a snack with greasy fingers while playing an adventure game on the iPad and on & on. I'm sure you get it and if not, take a look at the picture I took of his IPad the last time he visited! 

Statistics show iPhones, iPads & other Touch Devices can be as filthy as... well, a toilet bowl. Yikes! At any time, it's important to keep your devices clean of any type of contaminants - whether, that would be grease, stickiness, sneezes, fingerprints OR bacteria - but now, is an especially good time to pay very careful attention to this. 

Enter ULTIMATECLOTHS - which clean your touch devices slightly dampened with water only (absolutely no chemicals) and will pick up not only the grease, fingerprints or stickiness, but has been lab tested to pick up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surfaces. Just 1 wipe, picks up the 'crud' then dries quickly on it's own leaving no dangerous moisture on the surface, leaving a scratch free, blur free, clean, beautiful surface. Continue playing with phone or IPad! 

PS... Steve is bummed that the last picture doesn't show clearly that there's a totally clean portion on the iPad that has been wiped with an UltimateCloth, so you'll just have to make Steve happy and trust me... :)

Stay Safe - Stay Healthy - and keep your Sense of Humor!

~ Susan



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