What can you expect of the UltimateCloth in regards to COVID-19

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 In addition to all the benefits of using an UltimateCloth to clean, here are few points to note that might be helpful in relation to the Coronavirus & the UltimateCloth:

  • When using disinfectants, it is advised to clean the surface thoroughly first. There is no better way to do this than with an UltimateCloth that not only removes the dirt, stickiness, grease and grime but also 99.9% of bacteria as well (proven by 3rd party lab results).
  • It's important to note that even though the cloth picks up 99.9% of bacteria, it does NOT kill viruses. Interestingly, any type of soap will kill viruses when in contact with the surface for at least 20 seconds - including the current Covid-19 virus. This is the reason there is so much emphasis on washing the hands for that amount of time. There is a lot of scientific data which is simply explained in this informative article and illustration: https://www.vox.com/2020/3/18/21185262/how-soap-kills-the-coronavirus
  • UltimateCloths eliminate the need for paper towels in most situations saving on ‘empty shelf’ panic – not to mention money spent on disposable towels!
  • Statistics show that our mobile phones and other touch devices are dirtier than a toilet bowl. Yikes! So how do we clean them safely without the disinfectant wipes that can damage delicate screens? With a slightly dampened UltimateCloth of course and voila, no more crud or bacteria!
  • Please note: You still need to be concerned with the physical hazards of using caustic chemicals and disinfectants in the home. If there are concerns on this front or if chemical disinfectants are in short supply, there are some great alternatives including home-made solutions. Here is a link to some creative options: https://www.lifescarousel.com/best-natural-disinfectants/

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  • Sandy Williams on

    I didn’t even know about your Ultimate Cleaning clothes until a co-worker gave me several in with a birthday basket of various products. And then, OMG, I have been “hooked” ever sense. I use them for literally everything. All of our screens, countertops, windows, cars, etc……an example I will give is when my husband kept saying the had a film of ‘something’ on the inside of his trucks windshield. I asked him what all he had tried to clean it with and he answered, everything. I asked him if he remembered our Ultimate Cleaning clothes and of course he had not. So, since I brought it up, I wanted to be the one who was the Hero and offered to clean his windshield with the cleaning cloth. So, he left with a friend and I immediately went to clean his windshield with the cloth. IT WORKED!
    I didn’t tell him I had cleaned it and when he left to go somewhere, he called me right away and said thank you and that he couldn’t believe how clean and streak free his windshield was and their was no hazy looking film. YAY!!!! These clothes are simply AMAZING and they are a great gift to pass on to people. So, I have ordered for co-workers, family and friends and keep a supply for myself. At work, we get up a big order so we all order on one order and then when the clothes arrive, everyone says hurry and open that box cause we can’t wait to use our new ones. We like the big clothes also. So thank you to your company for making a fantastic product that is chemical free and gets the job done every single time.
    Oh, I also use my cloths for wiping sweet dog nose smudges off of my glass door.
    Thank you again, keep doing what you are doing! Love the fact that Earth Day means so much to other people as it does to me.


  • Julie on

    I was hooked when I ordered my first set years ago! I use Ultimate Cloths for everything – inside and outside! I also give them as Christmas gifts every year. Can’t wait to receive my new set of colored cloths soon!

  • Renae on

    Ultimate clothes rock!!!!

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